Weekly Humour, Issue 5

  1. The mafia has been so crippled by the FBI, they are looking to reallocate their resources. I understand one crime family just branched out into political fund raising. They plan to use it as a front by converting it into a legitimate operation.
  2. Dumb? One terrorist just got caught because he acted nervous. Turns out that wasn't the dumbest thing he did. The dumbest thing was a time bomb he built by attaching 50 sticks of dynamite to a sundial.
  3. My bank is offering an unusual 2018 calendar: It outlines in red every day a CEO was indicted.
  4. For most people the worst headache is a migraine. For the FBI it's their agents' leaks.
  5. More bad news for the FBI. Apparently they mistakenly raided the office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Thought it was a dating service exploiting Navajos.
  6. This neighborhood was so tough, even the FBI was paying protection.
  7. Today's criminals are considered innocent until proven born into a disadvantaged environment.
  8. He was living the life of Riley, then Riley reported his credit cards stolen.
  9. I'm so unlucky. If I jumped off the top of a 20-story high-rise and survived, I'd be arrested for littering.
  10. Ignorance of the law is no defense but it may lead to a long and distinguished career as a U.S. Federal judge.

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