Weekly Humour , Issue 3

  1. Just heard a song on the radio. At first, I thought the DJ had obtained a secret tape of Hillary chewing out her campaign manager.
  2. Summer can really get the vital juices going. The other day Bill Clinton was seen in front of the White House singing 'Memories, Memories.'
  3. You know those historical signs all over the country, like "Washington slept here" and "Lincoln slept there?" Bill Clinton’s administration spawned a new one: "Clinton defined 'is' here."
  4. Will the real Bill Clinton please zip up?
  5. The working title of Hillary's new book: "Stand by Your Man - but Deposit the 8 Million Alone."
  6. Hillary says she is nobody's fool. That's a shame. There's nothing worse than a lonely fool.
  7. All Democrats have a lot in common. The same concern for the middle class, the same fight for the rights of women, the same dread of the 2018 election.
  8. The DNC is shocked at how low the Democrat Party pole ratings are. In fact, they’re so low, the poling companies can only pick them up by sonar.
  9. My uncle really - really wanted Hillary to get elected. He had put in the winning bid for a concession stand in the White House - inoculating staffers against honesty.
  10. I don't want to say exactly what comes out of Hillary's mouth, but wherever she stands and gives a speech, farmers grow bumper crops.

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